Help us get the Presidential Unit Citation for our WWII heroes!

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White House petition for the PUC


The 30th Infantry Division (ID), “Old Hickory”, was deemed the outstanding infantry division in the European Theater of Operation (ETO) during World War II. However, due to a paperwork log jam and the subsequent retirement of those in command at the time, the 30th ID heroes never received the recognition they deserved. Now more than 70 years later, this generation of heroes is passing away never having received the Presidential Unit Citation (PUC) they earned with their blood, sweat, and tears.

Historical documents show that the 30th distinguished itself in both the Battle of Mortain (6-12 August 1944) and the breach of the Siegfried Line (2-12 October 1944). Documents exist showing the recommendation and approval for the PUC for the 30th, including conversations between General Dwight Eisenhower and COL S.L.A. Marshall, Historian of the ETO, subsequent inquiries by Major General H.R. Bull, and additional efforts by Lieutenant General J. Lawton Collins and supported by General Courtney Hodges and General Omar Bradley. While combat officers recommended and approved the 30th for the PUC, it was an office holder thousands of miles from the battle area that denied the honor. Finally, in 1951 the application window to process awards for units participating in WWII was closed.

In the years that have followed many Old Hickory veterans and supporters have advocated for recognition of the 30th’s accomplishments in WWII. Most recently, the 30th Infantry Division Association, comprised of WWII and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans, family and friends of the 30th, has taken up the mantle to obtain the PUC for the 30th’s breach and penetration of the Siegfried Line which provided a clear avenue of march for the Allied forces into Germany. The Siegfried Line presented a formidable defensive obstacle along the western border of Germany. In dismantling this German defense, the 30th captured more than 6200 prisoners, destroyed at least 191 pillbox positions, destroyed numerous German tanks and set the conditions for the capture of the town of Aachen. During this battle the Old Hickory division had 201 soldiers killed in action and more than 2000 wounded.

Please help the 30th Infantry Division Association obtain the Presidential Unit Citation for our WWII heroes. Sign our petition and let the President of the United States know that this generation of heroes must be recognized in their lifetimes.

Old Hickory!


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